What is a squatter site?

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A squatter site is a site that has been purchased by someone with the sole intention of selling it for a profit to someone else who wants to actually use the domain for something useful. It is an example of "cybersquatting" or "domain squatting".

The owner of a squatter site never puts any useful content on the site, but may try to make it look relevant by posting affiliate links related to the name of the site, putting up ad sense, or a google search page.

An inexperienced web user may be fooled by a squatter site, mistake it for an actual website posting valuable information, and click through on some of the links without realizing that they were just on a squatter site.

A similar term is "parked domain", which often looks much like a squatter site, but is usually a domain that someone has purchased and not yet developed into a proper site. Many domain registrars have the option to put up ads on a parked domain, and some just put them up by default to make money off them until the owner decides to do something with it. The nemesis of squattersite.com is parkeddomain.com.

Additionally, a squatter site may say something like, “This site is for sale”, or just list a contact email address with the implied knowledge that the website may be for sale.